I have one child in the regular league and one child in the Plus league. We figured the future of sports was going to be the Pluses so we were hedging our bets. I mean, more people like watching Plus sports anyways these days so it will only be a matter of time before the regular league will be relegated to Canadian Football status.

In 2039, the world athletic association couldn’t find ways to properly detect and limit gene doping so they setup an organizational body and decided that players would be classified based on their genetics. Every year they would classify a player between 1 and 10 and would do genome sequencing every month to determine if anything in a player changed. You think it would limit who could play sports because every team would want all 10s but taking a cue from adaptive sports like wheelchair basketball each team on a field or court was limited in the number of points they could field. On an 11 player soccer team it was 66. On a 5 player basketball team it was 30. Each sport limited the teams to an average of 6 points per player.

In the early 2020s sports viewership was at an all time low and in response teams tried invested more money to create dream teams in hopes that their market would eek out a positive revenue stream. What actually happened was it made things worse because there were very few competitive games as the teams with lots of money crushed the smaller teams. Genetic testing and the player classification system evened things out. Even if you could afford 5 Michael Jordan’s you couldn’t even realistically play one.

That’s when it got crazy and parents started gene editing their children to have and not have specific traits. Being over 6 foot 3 inches added a point to the player’s classification so there were no extremely tall players in basketball anymore. If you had overexpression mutations in the EPO or follistatin genes it could increase your classification by up to 2 points so these were chosen carefully.

The problem is that there were effects that couldn’t be predicted when combinations of genes were changed and some players ended up being classified over 10, they were called Pluses. Instead of not letting them participate in any sports Plus leagues started and as you can imagine parents started to push the boundaries. 7 foot 400 lb linebackers who could run a 40 yard dash time of 4.2 seconds.

We had our first child before the Plus sports phenomenon and so she is a well rounded athlete with no extreme genetic abnormalities. Unfortunately, nowadays is not reasonable and so with our second child, our son, we made sure has 4 arms and has mutations for hypergrowth. Because of this he couldn’t be born through normal gestational methods and was birthed using our DNA in a Plus surrogate who was genetically modified from birth specifically for that purpose(A Plus surrogate has an annual salary high above the national average).

I think our son has a chance at being a true star. We paid extra so that his intelligence is below average so that he will have no choice but to play Plus sports. The great thing is that he has already been given a contract offer from 4 Plus sports franchises and he is only 2 years old(the coaches love when the players have below average intelligence as they follow orders better!). I am excited at what the future holds for our son and family!